Pakistan Affairs 2023-24 with Solved MCQs



From Pakistan’s inception to its contemporary challenges and achievements, this book offers an in-depth narrative that is both informative and engaging. Gain valuable insights into the political landscape, economic development, cultural diversity, and geopolitical significance of Pakistan.

Key Features:

  • In-Depth Analysis: Uncover the complexities of Pakistan’s history and current affairs through insightful analysis and meticulously sourced content.
  • Contemporary Relevance: Gain a deep understanding of the critical issues facing Pakistan today, encompassing regional geopolitics and socio-economic dynamics.
  • Historical Perspectives: Trace Pakistan’s journey from the Partition era to the present day, exploring its origins and evolution.
  • Cultural Heritage: Discover the rich cultural mosaic of Pakistan, including its diverse traditions, vibrant arts, and influential literature.
  • Authoritative Source: Written by AAMIR SHAHZAD , an esteemed expert in Pakistan studies, this book combines academic rigor with accessible prose.

Whether you’re a student, researcher, policy-maker, or an enthusiast eager to enhance your comprehension of Pakistan, “Pakistan Affairs” is an invaluable resource. Order your copy today and embark on a journey through the heart and soul of this extraordinary nation.

For those seeking authoritative insights into Pakistan Affairs, Domestic Affairs, and Current Affairs, this book is an indispensable addition to your library.

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